Areas of Practice

Civil Rights Violations and Employment Law


We enjoy many Constitutional protections, but these protections are only available if you act to enforce them. Let us help you understand if your rights have been violated and if pursuing your rights through litigation is worthwhile.

Real Estate and Contract Disputes


Individuals and small businesses are often faced with questions about border disputes, allowable land use, and contract obligations. In most situations, costly litigation is not the answer. Let us help you negotiate an acceptable solution so you can get on with your life!

Simple Wills


We are not just a law firm, but a family-run business. We understand that a will passes on more than your valuable assets-it passes on your legacy and traditions to the next generation. Let us help you draft a will that leaves the legacy you want.

Land Use, Zoning, and Permitting


There are many complicated city ordinances, county rules, and state regulations that apply to the land you own.  Whether you want a pole barn on your lakefront property, or need to expand your business' footprint, you may need to seek approval from a number of governing bodies.  We can help.

Litigation and Appeals


We do everything we can to avoid expensive litigation, but sometimes people are left with no other options. Let us craft your best strategy for success as you move through the court system, from filing, to settlement, to trial and appeal.

Small Business Advice


With over 20 years of experience working with small business owners in acquisition environments, Steve has worked through nearly any issue small businesses encounter - from formation, to contract language and disputes, to zoning and employment. Let us help your business stay in business!