Articles and Publications

Matt Anderson


  • Matt Anderson, The Threat to Interest-Free Home Financing: The Problem of State Governments' Prohibition of Islamic-Compliant Financing Agreements, 37 Hamline L. Rev. 311 (2014) 
  • James Morrow, Matt Anderson, Plea Agreements, Bergen Journal of Criminal Law & Criminal Justice “Towards a science-driven efficient criminal justice system?” (2015)

Steve Anderson


  • Steve Anderson, Native American Law and the Burger Court: A Shift in Judicial Interpretation, 8 Hamline Law Review 671 (October 1985)
  • Steve Anderson, Quantifying Data Quality In Online Publishing, Data Quality Conference 99 Europe Proceedings (London), October 1999
  • Steve Anderson, Expanded Development of Metadata: Bringing Standard Quality Management Practices to the Online Industry, Meta-Data Conference and DAMA International Symposium Proceedings (Atlantic City), April 1999
  • Steve Anderson, Data Warehousing, Quality Management, and Information Technology, Southeastern Special Librarians Association Conference Proceedings (Charleston), March 1999
  • Steve Anderson, Application of Database Warehouse Technologies for Quality Management within the Information Industry. National Online Proceedings (New York), May 1998